Family Office Podcast - Private Investor & Investment Insights

Richard Wilson, at the Hyatt where we are hosting our private investors summit. I'm putting together a plug and play virtual family office infrastructure solution for $200 million-plus net worth families and I'm going to be kind of beta testing this structure across maybe a dozen families that are all worth somewhere between 15 to 20 million on the low end, up to three to 400 million of net worth. If you're a family of that nature and you want to see what we're doing to make things more cookie-cutter at the start for a virtual family office or your core infrastructure is available, and then obviously we customize things to whether you have 10 LLCs or 200 or whether you have five homes and 10 businesses or one business and a lot of real estate holdings, et cetera, but to have a plug and play infrastructure is really our goal for a lot of our clients who are going forward. Do you want to learn more about that? Shoot me a quick note. It's just going to learn a little bit more about us. First and then shoot me a note. Please go to its and you'll see some of the investor advisory work that we do there, or family you come to meet me face to face in person at one of our 32 live events a year first. So thanks for checking this out. It's Richard C. Wilson for the family office club. Talk to you soon.