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Our private investor club proudly presents the Players Family Office division.

We have a strategic commitment to forming strong partnerships with professional athletes who seek investment opportunities. In this video, we break down our process of closely collaborating with professional athletes to support them in making informed and prudent financial choices.

Discover how the Family Office Club can serve as your reliable and trusted resource, assisting you in sports team transactions, investments, brokerage, or athlete collaborations.

00:12 American Football in Europe: A Unique Perspective from Vienna, Austria
00:23 Inside the World of Team Ownership: Structuring Deals and Financing
00:37 Exploring the Value of Professional Athlete Teams in the United States
00:48 Introducing Players Family Office: Connecting Athletes with Conservative Cash Flow and Real Estate Opportunities
01:01 Exploring Medical Practice Deals and Financial Challenges Faced by Professional Athletes 
01:29 - Observing High Valuations in U.S. Sports Teams and the Associated Opportunities and Risks 
01:41 - How the Family Office Club Can Support Sports Team Transactions and Athlete Collaborations 
01:56 - Join Our Community of Athlete Investors and Explore Opportunities at

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