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Come be a part of our exclusive 2023 Private Investor Mastermind Events taking place in three distinct cities. Discover the tried-and-tested influence techniques rooted in science that have propelled the growth of our investor club over the past 16 years. We're prepared to offer numerous real-life instances, effective strategies, simple 1-3 step approaches, and customizable templates to enhance your influence, facilitating in securing more investors and successful deals. Each mastermind session encompasses intimate group discussions, insightful worksheets for practical application, valuable networking opportunities with fellow investors, and a compelling lineup of seven accomplished investors taking the stage at every event. We hope to see you there!

00:00 - Introduction to the Investor Mastermind
00:35 - Target Audience and Goals
00:48 - Event Details and Guest Speakers
01:01 - Establishing Strong Positioning
02:32 - Creating a Sense of Reciprocation 
02:43 - The Power of Consistency 
02:57 - Invitation to the Influence Persuasion Investor Mastermind 
03:32 - Invitation to Join the Private Investor Club

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