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Renan Cortez, the visionary founder of Syndicate Venture Group, shares his invaluable expertise on overcoming the daunting challenge of succession planning. Succession planning is a critical aspect of sustaining and growing a service-based business, ensuring a seamless transition of leadership and maintaining the essence of the company's values and culture. Renan Cortez's vast experience and strategic insights shed light on best practices, strategies, and potential pitfalls to avoid when planning for the future of your service-based enterprise. Watch the full video to learn more about how to navigate the complexities of succession planning.

00:00: Introduction to the Family Office Club Podcast 
03:15: Meet Renan Cortez, Founder of Syndicate Venture Group 
05:45: Syndicate Venture Group's Mission and Focus 
07:30: The Impact of Family Office Club on Renan's Growth 
10:12: The Attraction to Renan's Vision 
12:40: The Challenge of Succession Planning in Service-Based Businesses 
15:55: Acquiring Service-Based Businesses: A Solution to Succession Problems 
18:20: Specific Service-Based Industries of Interest 
20:45: A Recent Acquisition Success Story 
23:10: Competition in Acquiring Businesses 
25:30: Building Relationships with Business Owners 
27:45: The Journey Leading to Syndicate Venture Group 
30:20: Renan's Diverse Background and Its Role in His Success 
32:55: The Importance of Taking Action and Believing in Yourself

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