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Richard Wilson, from Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC and our investor portal - and I wanted to record a quick video on life settlements. 

This is a strategy that I like because it acts differently in my client's portfolios and other things that does not track to the real estate market. It does not track, typically to the stock market or interest rates, or whoever the current president is fighting a trade war or some political front with somebody else or an election coming up. It is a life insurance fund. It's a life insurance industry investment vehicle where you're getting exposure. Typically, the hundreds if not,1000 plus policies. And really, what impacts returns as if people suddenly start living a lot shorter lives or a lot longer lives? And that typically hasn't historically happened. You know, if you're watching this video soon after a record of that, that's when the Coronavirus really spreading and cities are going a lockdown. And, God forbid, the death toll actually goes very high. You know, no one wishes for that, but you know, this type of investment would actually it's probably gonna stay the same, but it might go up by half a percent or 1% because the people who have the life insurance policies that are invested in through such a strategy are the ones, typically that are, you know, in the last 5 to 7 years of their life or last few years of their life, etcetera. And that's why they need liquidity on their life insurance policy to enjoy life, get the right treatment, get access to that capital. So I don't want a Greek court a long video here explaining the whole strategy. I just want to plant the seed that the life settlements investment space is, I think always, Ah, pretty good place to be in part of your portfolio, at least a couple of percentage points. You have to maybe 5 to 7% depending on the type of investor. Or maybe it's not appropriate based on who you are. But it's pretty interesting space to look at and begin to more. If you want to learn more as an investor, you can do so by registering as a client doesn't cost anything. The onboard it takes about five minutes. Just go to, fill out the short form and agreement there and we'll look you're onboarding survey and get on the phone with you shortly and we can give you access to the life settlement investment that we work with most often. Thanks for listening. And I hope, to see you at a live event soon. Take care.

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