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Investor Mandate interview with a Central European Family Office. Our investor explains his focus on alternative investments, diversification and what attracts his family office to intercontinental deals. 

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We have 58 current clients. Who altogether are worth well over a $1 Billion. We advise on a couple of 100 million of the portions of their assets related to direct investments. I have been making big progress on virtual family office infrastructure, lately. Helping with getting a family office, quality CFO and all the accounting infrastructure. It needs to go in a place and having that be kind of plug and play ready for clients.  Also having the direct investment components. Helping them with a strategy on that, figuring out when they start their family office, what their strike zone should be or I formalize it. What direct investments should they be doing in-house versus outsourcing to a best in class provider? Then on top of that, figuring out who should be doing the traditional wealth management private banking work. We don't do that component internally, but we now have agreements signed in place with several wealth advisors and multi-family offices who, depending on your location, or whether you're a dentist, or a doctor or a business owner caters to your needs and industry.