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 Richard C Wilson wanted to quickly dispel one myth about what Family Office Club does. Why would we put out videos just like this? Why we write books? Why we do a podcast?  etcetera. Most of my competitors came up in a world where they grew their credibility, their business, and all the relationships through live events, like the one we're hosting right here in this Hyatt. But also a lot of did it through with referrals and handshakes and in-person connections only. And when people see what we do, they think, Oh, you can't attract ultra-wealthy clients via social media. You can't use digital media assets and thought leadership, to do business, but they're wrong because they're at our event saying that because that stuff works, and the main point I wanted to get across here was that you still need to meet face to face. You still need to shake hands, so you need to get to know someone, see that they're genuine. They're real. That their expertise is focused in an area where they can add value to you. Big differences Nowadays, you can create hundreds or thousands of those relationships per year using a digital funnel that gets you more in-person relationships. 

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