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Richard C. Wison speaks on setting up a virtual family office and what you should be thinking instead of: "Do I need an SFO or and MFO  well, I'm only worth 15 million or 25 million. I'm not a family office type individual, so I can't really consider that path." The option is to create a virtual family office. What alot of people overlook is that many people who are very experienced in dealing with $100 million+  families will still work with you at 15 to 25 million on a carved-out basis/ an ad hoc basis. When you need their help or on a unique basis, it's different than becoming a full-fledged client with him. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to leverage the tens of millions and overhead that private banks for wealth management firms have. You can access some of their managers that have been fully due diligence to access some of their strategies and connections by the thousands of employees and do so on an ad hoc basis.

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Richard C. Wilson speaks on industry-standard investment management fees. If you are searching online for them and you're not familiar with them, I am 90% sure that you're either an investor that doesn't know what's the norm. Anyone make sure you negotiate and don't pay above-average fees. Or you're someone who is starting an investment firm, an independent sponsor firm, a real estate development firm raising capital for something, and you're not sure what the industry standard is. But it's really the wrong question to ask. The most important thing to ask is, you know, is my team industry-standard credibility? Do we have the industry-standard track record to even industry-standard or above offering?

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