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Michael Scott - CHAIRMAN, CEO AND FOUNDER - Michael Scott is an entrepreneur, family man, and martial artist with a passion for life. Michael’s core values are Family, Integrity, Helping Others, Leadership, Loyalty. During Michael’s two-decade career in Wealth Management, he became one of the youngest top 1% ranked advisors at Ameriprise Financial. He put his first deal together with the executives of Ameriprise Financial in a seven-figure acquisition that became the company’s first external practice acquisition. Fast forward a handful of years and Michael is now the Founder/Owner of BAM Partners LLC an entrepreneurial holding company of 7 businesses and growing.

Michael’s professional focus has now shifted to the cannabis industry. Michael’s been instrumental in bringing cannabis companies from pitch deck to nine-figure valuations with the infusion of smart capital, strategy, and purpose-driven leadership. Michael and team have developed an extensive lead in replicating “Shark Tank” in cannabis for the Boston area.

Michael’s unique ability is to strategically lead and develop entrepreneurs toward their own values-based excellence. On a personal note, he’s an avid martial artist and loves to teach and train multiple disciplines such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Michael is happily married to his wife, Kerri, and they share three kids.

Peter Dougherty – CEO Orion Inc. - Peter has over 20 years of CEO experience in financing, managing and transacting early and mid-stage companies and has raised over $130M in Venture Capital, Private Equity and micro-cap funds. Currently CEO at Orion Inc. providing artificial intelligence for precision agriculture for large cannabis producers. Previously Consulting General Manager of Medicinal Genomics, providing the genetics of Cannabis. Also, previously General Manager Sequencia Technologies a cloud infrastructure consulting and implementation firm that developed the first fully integrated cloud compute, storage and networking virtualization solution. Before Sequencia, Peter was the CEO & Founder of Certeon Inc., the first virtualized WAN optimization and cloud interconnect software company. Prior to Certeon he was CEO of Bitcasting, the first universal multimedia player for the web. Peter’s career in technology solutions also includes a senior position at EMC in their Media Solutions Group after EMC acquired Bitcasting. Peter also Skippers Peningo, a custom Dubois 49 sailboat in and around New England waters.

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Richard Wilson, CEO, and Founder of the Family Office Club.  Who wants to let you know we're gonna be doing some investor mandate interviews. It's gonna be a new format for us. For those of you that watch a YouTube channel or listen to our podcast, I hope you find that some of the most valuable content that we put out it's gonna be one-on-one short interviews. The goal is to keep it to 7 minutes. We're interviewing investors in this format, seeing what their investor mandate is where they're based, what time, What type of firm there with what they're looking for above everything else to invest in right now and then Also, you know, what's their number one piece of advice either for other investors or those raising capital. 

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