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Watch or Listen to the entire hour-long Investor Discussion Panel in the Members Area of

Watch or Listen to the entire hour-long Investor Discussion Panel in the Members Area of

Watch or Listen to the entire hour-long Investor Discussion Panel in the Members Area of

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Richard Wilson started a family office club 13 years ago and advises families, most of them over 100 million in assets, 6 million, some 20- 30 million on direct investment program development and how to start their single family office. More virtual family office.  He hosts 25 live events a year. And has met over 2000 family offices in-person. That's where a lot of the insights come from, but even more so, it's listening to these families' stories and then implementing how they created their wealth in an effective way and implementing that within his own business model. Here he discusses the strategies that he has learned and developed over time. 

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CEO at Ardenton Capital formerly Regimen Capital Partners.
I lead a highly talented and a select group of professionals dedicated to working with our business partners. Ardenton is a global private equity corporation, built on meaningful business partnerships and long-term growth. Working strategically to nurture management teams and expand into new markets, we grow small companies into lasting multi-national organizations.While many private equity firms focus on near-term opportunities, buying companies in order to resell them, we separate ourselves by investing with a long-term focus. Ardenton designs partnerships to allow businesses to transition for growth, building strong, vibrant companies and yielding sizeable gains for our stakeholders.

James Livingstone (

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Panel discussion from the 2019 Family Office Super Summit on real estate investors success stories here from five real estate investment firms who have raised over $20 million each. So we're going to keep this one focused on real estate and we're going to keep this focused on how these firms have been able to successfully raise capital in their respective asset classes. Please keep in mind, I do get a lot of people that come up to me and say, wow, you guys have a lot of real estate investors here. And the stats on our investors are as follows, 75% of our family offices invest in real estate. On average, it makes up about 25% of their portfolio. What that means is that on average another 75% is diversified into other niches. 

Richard Wilson, at the Hyatt where we are hosting our private investors summit. I'm putting together a plug and play virtual family office infrastructure solution for $200 million-plus net worth families and I'm going to be kind of beta testing this structure across maybe a dozen families that are all worth somewhere between 15 to 20 million on the low end, up to three to 400 million of net worth. If you're a family of that nature and you want to see what we're doing to make things more cookie-cutter at the start for a virtual family office or your core infrastructure is available, and then obviously we customize things to whether you have 10 LLCs or 200 or whether you have five homes and 10 businesses or one business and a lot of real estate holdings, et cetera, but to have a plug and play infrastructure is really our goal for a lot of our clients who are going forward. Do you want to learn more about that? Shoot me a quick note. It's just going to learn a little bit more about us. First and then shoot me a note. Please go to its and you'll see some of the investor advisory work that we do there, or family you come to meet me face to face in person at one of our 32 live events a year first. So thanks for checking this out. It's Richard C. Wilson for the family office club. Talk to you soon. 

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Richard C. Wilson covers the ways you can be building new relationships, connect with new investors, and transform how you raise capital and source deals through our investor club.

Michael Scott - CHAIRMAN, CEO AND FOUNDER - Michael Scott is an entrepreneur, family man, and martial artist with a passion for life. Michael’s core values are Family, Integrity, Helping Others, Leadership, Loyalty. During Michael’s two-decade career in Wealth Management, he became one of the youngest top 1% ranked advisors at Ameriprise Financial. He put his first deal together with the executives of Ameriprise Financial in a seven-figure acquisition that became the company’s first external practice acquisition. Fast forward a handful of years and Michael is now the Founder/Owner of BAM Partners LLC an entrepreneurial holding company of 7 businesses and growing.

Michael’s professional focus has now shifted to the cannabis industry. Michael’s been instrumental in bringing cannabis companies from pitch deck to nine-figure valuations with the infusion of smart capital, strategy, and purpose-driven leadership. Michael and team have developed an extensive lead in replicating “Shark Tank” in cannabis for the Boston area.

Michael’s unique ability is to strategically lead and develop entrepreneurs toward their own values-based excellence. On a personal note, he’s an avid martial artist and loves to teach and train multiple disciplines such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. Michael is happily married to his wife, Kerri, and they share three kids.

Peter Dougherty – CEO Orion Inc. - Peter has over 20 years of CEO experience in financing, managing and transacting early and mid-stage companies and has raised over $130M in Venture Capital, Private Equity and micro-cap funds. Currently CEO at Orion Inc. providing artificial intelligence for precision agriculture for large cannabis producers. Previously Consulting General Manager of Medicinal Genomics, providing the genetics of Cannabis. Also, previously General Manager Sequencia Technologies a cloud infrastructure consulting and implementation firm that developed the first fully integrated cloud compute, storage and networking virtualization solution. Before Sequencia, Peter was the CEO & Founder of Certeon Inc., the first virtualized WAN optimization and cloud interconnect software company. Prior to Certeon he was CEO of Bitcasting, the first universal multimedia player for the web. Peter’s career in technology solutions also includes a senior position at EMC in their Media Solutions Group after EMC acquired Bitcasting. Peter also Skippers Peningo, a custom Dubois 49 sailboat in and around New England waters.

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Richard Wilson, CEO, and Founder of the Family Office Club.  Who wants to let you know we're gonna be doing some investor mandate interviews. It's gonna be a new format for us. For those of you that watch a YouTube channel or listen to our podcast, I hope you find that some of the most valuable content that we put out it's gonna be one-on-one short interviews. The goal is to keep it to 7 minutes. We're interviewing investors in this format, seeing what their investor mandate is where they're based, what time, What type of firm there with what they're looking for above everything else to invest in right now and then Also, you know, what's their number one piece of advice either for other investors or those raising capital. 

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Richard C. Wilson, CEO and founder of the Family Office Club interviews one of our members, Meg Epstein from CA South Development. 

CA South is a boutique real estate investment and development company in Nashville, which manages its own fund. Thus, is a fully integrated development and investment company. Meg Epstein was 2019 finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year in Nashville and recently named Woman of Influence in the Top 36 most powerful women in Nashville. She was also recently named Developer In-Charge by the Nashville Post. 

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Richard C. Wilson speaks on industry-standard investment management fees. If you are searching online for them and you're not familiar with them, I am 90% sure that you're either an investor that doesn't know what's the norm. Anyone make sure you negotiate and don't pay above-average fees. Or you're someone who is starting an investment firm, an independent sponsor firm, a real estate development firm raising capital for something, and you're not sure what the industry standard is. But it's really the wrong question to ask. The most important thing to ask is, you know, is my team industry-standard credibility? Do we have the industry-standard track record to even industry-standard or above offering?

Richard C. Wison speaks on setting up a virtual family office and what you should be thinking instead of: "Do I need an SFO or and MFO  well, I'm only worth 15 million or 25 million. I'm not a family office type individual, so I can't really consider that path." The option is to create a virtual family office. What alot of people overlook is that many people who are very experienced in dealing with $100 million+  families will still work with you at 15 to 25 million on a carved-out basis/ an ad hoc basis. When you need their help or on a unique basis, it's different than becoming a full-fledged client with him. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to leverage the tens of millions and overhead that private banks for wealth management firms have. You can access some of their managers that have been fully due diligence to access some of their strategies and connections by the thousands of employees and do so on an ad hoc basis.

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Richard C. Wilson interviews Private Investor that focuses on Consumer Products & Amazon Companies, FinTech and BioTech/Healthcare.

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Richard C. Wilson, CEO, and president of the Family Office club identified the most common mistake that he has seen capital raisers make. They make the mistake of taking success with a direct investment model. Where there's no funds and turned it into fund model. The mistake is that they go to their current investors already like them, trust them and invest with them and say," Hey, would you be open to coming in my fund?" And they say, "Yes, sure", because I've already invested in four of their deals but people have not invested with before may not want to come into the fund is gonna be harder. They're trading one headache for another headache of their own pain of running around and finding the investors they need to close a deal in 6 to 8 weeks and independent sponsor model for the headache of promising a blind pool to investors within a fund model. And I would always rather to the headache is more hard work for me in the thing, which is going to really stop investors from considering a deal. I've seen people who have raised $300 million in direct investments, not be able to raise a $10 million fund. 

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Richard C. Wilson's Webinar where he explains Investment Structures and strategies. Useful information for both capital raisers and investors alike. 

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Discussion panel from our 2019 Family Office Super Summit in Miami, FL

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Richard C. Wilson shares his thoughts and strategies on ways that an Investor can prepare for a recession, the ups and downs of the economy and unforeseen circumstances. 

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Richard C. Wilson, founder of the Family Office Club and Centimillionaire advisors, LLC coming to you from downtown Singapore. Just finishing up my lunch break for private Investor Advantage Workshop for family offices and how to start a family office that I'm hosting here. And that's one of the emphasized the importance of a great factor with investing, building trust, with investors working with family offices. You can have all the integrity in the world or excellent team, but if you don't see things through, it doesn't mean anything. You can be passionate, have great skills and have great intellectual property. But if you can't make it through the challenges and really stick to your strategy and stick to your game plan through the ups and downs again, nothing will come of it. And I think that since the whole investment and investors space is focused on trust and getting a high conviction on not only the strategy that who's executing the strategy great is a really central factor to all of that.

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 Richard C Wilson wanted to quickly dispel one myth about what Family Office Club does. Why would we put out videos just like this? Why we write books? Why we do a podcast?  etcetera. Most of my competitors came up in a world where they grew their credibility, their business, and all the relationships through live events, like the one we're hosting right here in this Hyatt. But also a lot of did it through with referrals and handshakes and in-person connections only. And when people see what we do, they think, Oh, you can't attract ultra-wealthy clients via social media. You can't use digital media assets and thought leadership, to do business, but they're wrong because they're at our event saying that because that stuff works, and the main point I wanted to get across here was that you still need to meet face to face. You still need to shake hands, so you need to get to know someone, see that they're genuine. They're real. That their expertise is focused in an area where they can add value to you. Big differences Nowadays, you can create hundreds or thousands of those relationships per year using a digital funnel that gets you more in-person relationships. 

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Richard C. Wilson explains what he calls wealth shrapnel. Basically, you know what is negative about being ultrawealthy? A lot of people see ultrawealthy as someone who has a private jet, has many houses, and more money than they know what to do with. Perhaps, is making investments all the time. But I don't see all the negative things that come with it. You know, I have one client who's worth several $100 million who has been blackmailed 12 times. I have people that are clients who are threatened by employees. That if they don't do something like give them a big severance or agree to something in a settlement that them and three others will claim that that person did something to them and ruin the reputation,  essentially. People who are ultrawealthy are typically the ones who are sued the most. The regulators come after them. They're on everybody's radar. If you're in some countries, it's whose assets get confiscated or who has new laws created, to basically take away their assets or take away their market share. Many times, it's the ultra-wealthy who are targeted for kind of silly lawsuits over slip and falls, and it happens much more often than most people probably know about. 

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Investor Mandate interview with a Central European Family Office. Our investor explains his focus on alternative investments, diversification and what attracts his family office to intercontinental deals. 

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We have 58 current clients. Who altogether are worth well over a $1 Billion. We advise on a couple of 100 million of the portions of their assets related to direct investments. I have been making big progress on virtual family office infrastructure, lately. Helping with getting a family office, quality CFO and all the accounting infrastructure. It needs to go in a place and having that be kind of plug and play ready for clients.  Also having the direct investment components. Helping them with a strategy on that, figuring out when they start their family office, what their strike zone should be or I formalize it. What direct investments should they be doing in-house versus outsourcing to a best in class provider? Then on top of that, figuring out who should be doing the traditional wealth management private banking work. We don't do that component internally, but we now have agreements signed in place with several wealth advisors and multi-family offices who, depending on your location, or whether you're a dentist, or a doctor or a business owner caters to your needs and industry.

Richard C. Wilson interviews a Florida-based Private investor on what are his strategies in investing. How he chooses to invest in his industry, real estate, etc as he also shares his $100,000 idea. He notes what his thoughts are on the current financial climate and how he sees the impact in his investments and advice to others on how to tackles these obstacles. 

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Richard Wilson, from Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC and our investor portal - and I wanted to record a quick video on life settlements. 

This is a strategy that I like because it acts differently in my client's portfolios and other things that does not track to the real estate market. It does not track, typically to the stock market or interest rates, or whoever the current president is fighting a trade war or some political front with somebody else or an election coming up. It is a life insurance fund. It's a life insurance industry investment vehicle where you're getting exposure. Typically, the hundreds if not,1000 plus policies. And really, what impacts returns as if people suddenly start living a lot shorter lives or a lot longer lives? And that typically hasn't historically happened. You know, if you're watching this video soon after a record of that, that's when the Coronavirus really spreading and cities are going a lockdown. And, God forbid, the death toll actually goes very high. You know, no one wishes for that, but you know, this type of investment would actually it's probably gonna stay the same, but it might go up by half a percent or 1% because the people who have the life insurance policies that are invested in through such a strategy are the ones, typically that are, you know, in the last 5 to 7 years of their life or last few years of their life, etcetera. And that's why they need liquidity on their life insurance policy to enjoy life, get the right treatment, get access to that capital. So I don't want a Greek court a long video here explaining the whole strategy. I just want to plant the seed that the life settlements investment space is, I think always, Ah, pretty good place to be in part of your portfolio, at least a couple of percentage points. You have to maybe 5 to 7% depending on the type of investor. Or maybe it's not appropriate based on who you are. But it's pretty interesting space to look at and begin to more. If you want to learn more as an investor, you can do so by registering as a client doesn't cost anything. The onboard it takes about five minutes. Just go to, fill out the short form and agreement there and we'll look you're onboarding survey and get on the phone with you shortly and we can give you access to the life settlement investment that we work with most often. Thanks for listening. And I hope, to see you at a live event soon. Take care.

Please excuse typos due to auto-transcription of this podcast.  Learn more at

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Richard Wilson of the Family Office Club and Centimillionaire Advisors gives a Q1 check-in for 2020 and just share how things are going. It would be interesting to look back at this may be in one year, five years, 10 years and to share the progress made. With making $5 million in revenue in 2019, a 13-person team on Key Biscayne with a couple of team members in the Philippines, as well as one in Portugal and one in Oregon. Richard goes through the event space that hosted 25 events last year and the obstacles of attempting 30 live events this year with the current COVID-19 situation. How the situation has also pushed toward the adaptation of how to add value to charter members, investors and the deal flow channels that brings them together.  One of the solutions is the podcast, webinar and virtual panel discussions that are now being offered to members and insights given to non-members of the Family Office Club. 

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Discussion panel from the 2019 Family Office Super Summit in Key Biscayne, FL

Investor Mandate Interview Series Episode #002

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Investor Mandate Interview Series Episode #001

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Panel from the 2019 Family Office Super Summit in Key Biscayne, FL

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Richard C. Wilson keynote at the 2019 Family Office Super Summit

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John Manes is CEO and co-owner of Pinnacle Storage Properties and Pinnacle Storage Managers. 

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Panel discussion from our Private Investor Summit on September 24, 2019 in New York

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Discussion panel from the Private Investor Summit on July 25th, 2019 in San Fransisco

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Panel Discussion from our Private Investor Summit on July 25th, 2019 in San Fransisco

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