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This podcast episode provides advice on how to get a family office job, Richard provides insights from his experience in meeting with over 1,000 family offices face-to-face and through running Family Office Executive Search. If you find this interesting please subscribe to our channel, watch our other videos, and download our report at or if you need executive search related help please see

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This Podcast discusses the huge trend with Family Offices wanting to do direct investments or acquiring equity stakes in businesses of all types. The problem is, these families have a lot of equity stakes, but they do not see a lot of that capital coming back out. Learn more about this topic at

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Single Family offices only serve one family or individual and do not need to attract additional clients in a traditional sense, but there are many reasons why they do need to do some kind of marketing and public relations. This podcast episode talks about how single family offices can attract deal flow and talent to their family offices. To learn more please visit or check out Richard Wilson's new book The Single Family Office.

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This podcast episode provides advice, tips, and insights on family office marketing and public relations. In the past there were not that many multi-family offices, but there are more and more every day. To learn more about Family Office Public Relations please visit us at or check out our books Family Offices: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent or The Single Family Offices.

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In this episode of the Family Office Podcast, we have with Harris Fried, third generation single family office executive for his family’s family office. This episode will be focusing on family office direct investments and co-investments. 

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