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When it comes to our top clients, our biggest priority is to ensure that our investor mandates consistently align with our carefully curated areas of investment focus. We are dedicated to providing you with investment strategies that resonate harmoniously with your financial aspirations and goals. So, you might be wondering, what exactly are these defining spheres of investment concentration that we hold in high regard? 

Listen to the full episode to find out:

00:00 Introduction 
00:10 Investing in Small Businesses
00:26 ATM Industry Exit
00:47 SaaS Business Exit
01:02 Short-Term Rental Assets - Conversion of Motels into Multifamily
02:16 Wide Investor Network
02:27 Investor Preferences
02:38 Networking Opportunities
02:49 Joining the Investor Club
03:14 Learning from Successful Speakers
03:24 Relevant Investment Mandates

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