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In the heart of Vienna, I'm hosting an exclusive event for families with net worths ranging from $50 million to $100 million. It's a unique gathering where we empower these families to establish their family offices, navigate capital raising, and explore lucrative investment opportunities.

In this video, I share a personal insight into our family values and how we instill them in the next generation.

Discover the principles that guide our family, and learn how these values can strengthen not only a family but also a family office.

Join us on this journey of building lasting legacies and fostering strong family bonds. #FamilyValues #FamilyOffice #LegacyBuilding #NextGeneration"

00:00 - Introduction: Hosting an Exclusive Event for Ultra-Wealthy Families
00:12 - Creating Family Values: An Essential Part of Our Family Office
00:24 - The Importance of Family Values and Their Impact
00:36 - Maya Shares Our Family Values
00:47 - Rewards for Following Family Values
00:58 - Simplifying Family Values for Kids
01:24 - Why Every Family Should Have Family Values
01:47 - Establishing Family Values
02:00 - Importance of Family Values in Keeping a Family Together
02:10 - Conclusion: Sharing Insights from Our Austria Trip

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