Family Office Podcast: Private Investor Interviews, Ultra-Wealthy Investment Strategies| Commercial Real Estate Investing, Private Equity, & Business Funding
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Panel from Single Family Office Summit New York

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Ira Perlmuter - T5 Equity Partners
Istvan Nadas - Dunes Point Capital
Doug Dubiel - Rockefeller Capital Management
Suzanne Currie - Celdon Financial Group
Sheila Barry Driscoll - The Billionaire Foundation

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  • Kamil Homsi - Global Realty Capital
  • Benjamin Marks - Leveraged Equity Holdings Group, LLC
  • Paul Kang - Alta Capital Group
  • Evan Renov - Beechwood Ventures
  • Simon Littlewood - LI Family Office
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  • Richard C. Wilson - Family Office Club
  • Mitch Garrett - Trump International
  • Sarah Cone - Social Impact Capital
  • Enrique Martinez - Soriano Group
  • Tom Watts - Watts Capital Partners
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  • Steve Schmidt - Alternative Investment Resource
  • Patrick Hagen - STRATA Trust
  • Fadi Ephtimios - Group RMC
  • Greg Vickowski - The Procaccianti Group
  • Max Garza III - Tachyon Advisory
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  • Andres Ospina - Family Office Club
  • Cam McElroy - LCG Associates
  • Peter J. Newman - University of Illinois
  • Timothy Everett - Franklin Templeton
  • Bill Irvine - Newfleet Asset Management
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  • Tim Kennedy - EzeCapital Integration
  • Harsh Singh - Lodi Venture Partners
  • Kamil Homsi - Global Realty Capital
  • Siva Venugopalan - SCS Inc.
  • Brian Sheng - View Arc Ventures
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  • Richard Beleutz - Alternative Investment Resource
  • Bill Levant - Arlington Family Offices

  • Bogumil Baranowski - Sicart Associates LLC

  • Elliot Dornbusch - CV Advisors

  • Michael Pompian - Sunpointe Investments

  • Norm Cook - Wealthstone

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Emerging Manager Focus: Seeding, Co-GP, & Early Stage Fund Manager Investment Allocators Speak to What is Changing

  • Investment Richard Beleutz - Alternative Investment Resource
  • Michael Feinglass - RCP Advisors
  • David Johnston - Yeoman's Capital
  • Amir Shaked - Shaked Capital
  • Gijs F.J. Van Thiel - 747 Capital
  • Alan Yong - DNotes Global Inc
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How are investors currently structuring royalties, debt deal and securing income with limited downside?


Andres Ospina - Family Office Club

Jeff Karp - SPI Funds

Bruno Raschio - Grand Bay

Neil Winward - Orix Corporation USA

Alex Hammond - Shinnecock Partners

Kai Chen - Ocean IQ Capital

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How 5 real estate investors are developing points of strategic advantage by playing the long game 

Panel Moderator: Jared Oakes - Benesch

Brian DeLucia - Arrivato LLC

Irwin Boris - Heritage Capital Group

Demian Waldman - Confidas

Josh Colter - Robbins Property Associates

Tom Hoban - Kitson & Partners

Russ Krivor - DLC Residential Team

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Operating Business Investments: A discussion of strike zones, insights, structures and new trends

Jourdan Urbach - Brandt and Co.

  • Cliff Oberlin - Oberlin Wealth Partners
  • Carlos Imery - IP Family Office
  • Zach Ferres - AZ Crown Investments
  • Peter Formanek - Young America Capital
  • Russell Deakin - Aceana Group
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