Family Office Podcast: Private Investor Interviews, Discussion Panels, and Investment Strategies Related to Lending, Commercial Real Estate, Income, Alternative Investments
  • Richard C. Wilson - Family Office Club
  • Mitch Garrett - Trump International
  • Sarah Cone - Social Impact Capital
  • Enrique Martinez - Soriano Group
  • Tom Watts - Watts Capital Partners
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  • Steve Schmidt - Alternative Investment Resource
  • Patrick Hagen - STRATA Trust
  • Fadi Ephtimios - Group RMC
  • Greg Vickowski - The Procaccianti Group
  • Max Garza III - Tachyon Advisory
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  • Andres Ospina - Family Office Club
  • Cam McElroy - LCG Associates
  • Peter J. Newman - University of Illinois
  • Timothy Everett - Franklin Templeton
  • Bill Irvine - Newfleet Asset Management
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