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This podcast episode dives into the different roles of a family office CEO and how it changes depending on the family office. This podcast will also detail the characteristics of a good family office CEO and the future of the role within the industry. Talent is sometimes the limiting factor in the growth and success of single or multi-family office. Many times the talent you need is hard to find, loyal to the current employer, and expensive to obtain.

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Family office jobs are in high demand right now, but how do you qualify for such positions or event find these jobs at sometimes very secretive family office employers? This Podcast episode discusses this challenge, and how the industry is evolving as it relates to family office job searches. If you need more training in the industry please explore our Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) training and certificate program:

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In this podcast episode, Richard C. Wilson discusses his experience in assisting ultra-wealthy families in purchasing private companies and direct investing. There is a growing demand for services which help families worth $20M and more in this area. 

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This podcast episode talks about Creating a Virtual Family Office. Are you looking to create a family office but want it to be lean, agile, and able to change shapes every 3-5 years based on market conditions and investment focus changes? The virtual family office trend is growing, and as the family office industry matures around the world and gets some real momentum in BRIC countries we will see this phrase and family office structure used more and more often. To learn more about what a virtual family office is please watch this video recorded in Prague and visit our website Make sure and also grab our Family Office Report at

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