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In this podcast Richard shares a lesson he learned in how to destroy most of your bad habits at once. This strategy was discovered on accident and involves changing your entire environment so that you disrupt all of your day-to-day patterns and processes.

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Recorded webinar on Private Debt Financing with Richard C. Wilson.

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The following is a short episode providing a few negotiation and business best practices and insights from the popular TV show Shark Tank.

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Richard C. Wilson discusses some top used strategies you can use in your daily capital raising activities. 

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Richard Wilson discusses how to get deals done in the family office space.

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Richard C. Wilson discussing his new book, How to Start a Family Office: Blueprints for setting up your single family office.

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Our next Capital Raising Conference is coming up next Month, for more information please visit

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Andri Sedniev: Andri is the author of 3 public speaking books and a public speaking coach as well.  His Magic of Public Speaking is a bestselling book on the space and he has done as much if not more research on public speaking best practices than anyone else interviewed here for the CPS.

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