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Brandon Schwab founded after 5 years of operating Shepherd Premier Senior Living, a boutique senior living style homes with 10-16 assisted living beds per home. He realized the biggest limiting factor to helping more seniors and expansion is access to capital. Brandon Schwab has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 (now 38) with 4 years of real estate wholesaling and built rental portfolio of 23 homes from 2010 to 2014. After visiting father in law in near Tampa FL playing the piano in a 5 bed senior living Shepherd Premier Senior Living was created. Now today Shepherd has 5 boutique senior living homes with 58 beds and plans to develop 144 ground up beds in Huntley, IL. was born out of necessity when our ground up construction financial pulled out on our 144 bed development due to COVID with March 15th closing. Boutique Senior Living Fund is a $25M fund specifically designed to provide needed capital initially complete the 144 bed assisted living project then funds will borrowed out to open an additional 83 Boutique Senior Living homes throughout the Midwest. 

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Simplifyy, Simplifyy is the first modern approach to multifamily property management. By combining people and software in one easy solution, we eliminate waste and help owners make more and stress less, guaranteed

Paul is a serial real estate entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. Having syndicated 4,000 apartment units, Paul's expertise in real estate investing spans from fundraising to property management. Paul co-founded Simplifyy, a modern approach to property management, to help owners make more and stress less.

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