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In this episode of the Family Office Podcast Richard C. Wilson, founder of the Family Office Club, discusses the most popular real estate family offices invest in, real estate investment structures, what a family office considers before investing in real estate, and mistakes family offices make in real estate investing.

Family offices own billions of dollars in real estate–whether directly through personal holdings or indirectly through real estate investments and fund allocations.  Given the buying power that family offices represent in real estate, it is worth devoting time to understanding the unique factors that drive a family office’s real estate activities and what family offices look for in a real estate investment.  In this live webinar, we will examine real estate as an asset class, what criteria families often apply when evaluating these investments, and what types of real estate are attracting family office capital today, from multi-family to boutique hotels.

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In this episode of the Family Office Podcast, Richard C. Wilson presents to a local Miami Financial Planning Association chapter on Family Offices.

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In this podcast episode, Richard C Wilson discusses three things you can do to help ensure multi-generation wealth creation. Much of the industry is focused on capital preservation, but those of you who have created your own wealth will agree that the best defense is the best offense. Creating new value for customers, whether it is in a new industry or the industry where the family created their wealth, is one of the best ways to preserve, protect, and grow wealth as a family.

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This podcast episode talks about the state of the family office industry in London, England. London is a top 10 family office city in the world. Many global family offices that have around five offices will always have an office in London. Learn more about London family offices at and

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Single Family offices only serve one family or individual and do not need to attract additional clients in a traditional sense, but there are many reasons why they do need to do some kind of marketing and public relations. This podcast episode talks about how single family offices can attract deal flow and talent to their family offices. To learn more please visit or check out Richard Wilson's new book The Single Family Office.

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This podcast episode provides advice, tips, and insights on family office marketing and public relations. In the past there were not that many multi-family offices, but there are more and more every day. To learn more about Family Office Public Relations please visit us at or check out our books Family Offices: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent or The Single Family Offices.

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There are many things coming together to change the industry and formalize it. In this podcast episode, Richard C. Wilson, CEO of The Family Offices Group talks about how the industry has changed and what is still yet to come for single family offices. To learn more about the single family office industry please visit and

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In this podcast Richard C. Wilson talks about the Family Office Marketing Trifecta and what is needed to be a great family office marketer. Recently while writing "The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent" Richard was able to interview 36 top family office executives including $1B single family offices and top 30 multi-family offices. To learn more please download our free Family Office Report PDF on single and multi-family offices right now by visiting:

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This podcast talks about the commercialization of family offices. Today, as the family office space continues to thrive, single and multi-family offices are commercializing their practices, some a little, others completely and many family offices approach us here at the Family Offices Group Association about these different stages of commercialization and what it means for the industry. If you find this interesting please subscribe to our podcast and download our report at

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In this podcast we answer the question "what is a family office?" We talk about the definition of a single family office, why they exist and what functions they perform for ultra-wealthy individuals and families. Learn more at or download our report at

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